Insurance: What is the position on my Employers Liability Insurance?

The comments below are guidance and support to prompt you to think about the areas covered and points made. You should contact your insurer or Broker for advice before making any decisions about your own circumstances. There are other considerations that businesses might want to think about where they have employees working at home – for example, from an Employers’ Liability perspective, does the employee have a safe environment to work at home? Perhaps not a consideration during lock down, but in other times of home working, is your employee permitted under their household insurance to work from home on business (many policies specifically exclude this). From a Property Damage perspective, are you covered under your commercial insurance for property belonging to the company being taken away from the premises to employee’s homes all over the country for a protracted period? This is definitely worth checking, particularly if an employee was to leave a laptop, smart phone or similar device in their car whilst parked as this is often specifically excluded.

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