HMRC has now updated its guidance concerning the support for self-employed earners. For the recent update click on this Eligibility Calculator is that there is now a link where it can be checked if a claim if eligible. Points to note are:

  • To check, the self-employed earner will need their Unique Taxpayer Reference (a 10 digit number) and National Insurance Number.
  • There is then a facility to provide contact details for when the portal is available to make the claims, expected mid-May.
  • We would advise that all self-employed earners who believe they are entitled to this support now check whether this link indicates they are eligible.
  • If eligible, a Government Gateway account can be established, if not previously done so, and contact details provided. HMRC will then use those contact details to advise when a claim can be made.
  • Early indications from our client base is this will be from 13 May onwards, but different expected claim dates are being provided for different clients, albeit, they are only 1 – 2 days apart.
  • Online will be the quickest way of receiving this support but HMRC guidance does state that an alternative method of claiming will be available in due course for those who can’t claim online.

NB If the above link indicates you are ineligible for this support, but you believe this is incorrect then we would be happy to review and discuss your particular circumstances.”

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