Performance Appraisals and COVID-19: Getting Real Results From Performance Reviews – 

Performance Appraisals and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced huge changes on the way many of us work. Regular time in the office feels like a thing of the past, and virtual meetings are the new reality.

People have had to adapt their working practices, get used to a new environment, and take on new responsibilities. They may have health or financial worries, childcare issues, or other family responsibilities. And they’re likely feeling isolated from their friends and colleagues. So, it’s more than ever to carry out appraisals with compassion and understanding – while making sure not to use the current situation as a scapegoat for poor performance.

VIDEO Performance reviews are a chance to offer constructive feedback and set goals together. When you think of performance appraisals, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s a dreaded meeting in which you must pull up a team member for their failings.

Source: Performance Appraisals – Getting Real Results From Performance Reviews

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